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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  July 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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just a light one. and calm conditions over parts of the north bay. temperatures in the low 60sin antioch. 56 for concord. 59 san jose. around the bay 56 in oakland. 57 redwood city. and half-moon bay cloudy skies. up ivs to low 50s. a cool start in novato. checking in at 48 degrees. for the afternoon today low 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay. we have 68-degrees in san francisco. go inland temperatures are not warm. 80 in concord. 89 in antioch. as we get into the evening hours, fire work viewing should be spectacular out there. san francisco could be a little bit of a tricky call with the fog. we will take a look at that future cast model on the fog coming up. mike. still monitoring traffic on this holiday for you. and as you we head west out to
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the golden gate bridge, not much happening on highway 101 in both directions there. although yesterday, it was very packed both going in and out of the city throughout the afternoon and evening commute. not the case on this holiday morning. extreme drought and fire works. a dangerous combination that is already having destructive results just a few hours into the independence holiday. tara moriarty is live for us this morning in the city of oakland with how officials are handling the fire work threat. and why they worry there will be more to come. >> reporter: the sky will be it will up with fire works. the professional legal kind of course. if you are thinking of setting off illegal fire works just know police and fire will be out in full force shutting it down. we want to show you a tweet we received from the oakland firefighters. this is a photo of a fire on havens court. the fire spurred by illegal
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fire works. now oakland's fire chief held a fire prevention town hall forum earlier in the night to let the city know it is taking a very serious step to fire works. >> fire works are illegal. oakland is not the wild west. >> reporter: now the fire chief says her department is sending out patrols this weekend. it will be working with police to crack down on illegal fire works. they hope to respond to fires faster and serve as a deterrent. live from the oakland hills i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. two other east bay cities plagued by recent illegal fire work displays are pittsburg and bay point in a span of six hours. last independence day they dealt with 28 fire work related fires. officials say they did not have enough resources to respond to all of them.
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forcing the homeowners to put out the fires by themselves. >> all hours of the night. it does concern me. >> reporter: what are your concerns that you hear those things going on? >> that my house will burn because it is so dry. many will celebrate the fourth of july with a parade. the danville parade is one of the best known and considered one of the largest in the bay area. it starts at 9:00 this morning and lasts more than 2.5 hours. more than 40,000 people are expected to line the sidewalk. several people started staking out those spots for the spread yesterday by popping up their lawn chairs. this is a photo tweeted by nicole kay. you would think a celebrity is going to be here.
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other people also tweeted about steaking out their spots yesterday as well. independence day starts at 7:00 this morning in clayton with the pancake breakfast. children are invited to leave the downtown parade. they can be on bikes, roller skates, scooters, and wagons or just walk the parade route. hercules is holding its parade. that starts at 10:45. and napa's parade starts at 11:00 this morning. our web team has put together a list of all the fourth of july celebrations. cal fire says all evacuation orders in the butts canyon area have has been lifted. some left with their pets and little else. right now the fire has burned 4300 acres and 45% contained.
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>> we brought in 30 extra hand crews just due to the steep terrain and the accessibility. that's what we needed to do to be able to extinguish and contain this fire. >> two firefighters suffered heat auction. exhaustion. napa businesses are worried the fire will drive away business. >> phone calls, e-mails, anyone who has a reservation with us already is wondering if they have to cancel or change their itinerary. >> there is a big fire in napa so i was a little nervous. when i got here, i talked to
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them. and found out it wasn't in the middle of town. >> the fire is burn an hour away -- is burning an hour away from the downtown napa area. happening now the aftermath of arthur parts of north carolina are dealing with power outages and flooding. the hurricane is moving back out to sea this morning. reporter tory dunnan was caught in arthur's cross hairs. >> reporter: hurricane arthur roared ashore as a category two storm. if you take a look at traffic lights as well, you can see them majorly blowing in the wind. we are also feeling some of the hourson fall rain right now. more than 1,000 counties are under emergency. >> most people who have been concerned have been directly on the coast. now we have concerned about people inland who may be
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impacted by potential flooding and rivers going over their banks. >> reporter: the governor is urging residents to stay inside until arthur has past. the storm sent tourists scrambling from beaches. while many of the locals took it all in stride. >> this is just a little bump in the road when you live here. you just have to be prepared. if it gets to a point where you need to go, you need to go. >> reporter: the national weather service says arthur won't stay in north carolina long. it's expected to speed up, dumping rain all the way up to maine today. >> that was tory dunnan reporting. foster farms has issued its first recall linked to a salmonella outbreak. it found evidence directly linking it to a string of sal ma fell that.
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>> there is a lot of n my family so we keep a lot in our freezer and take out what we need when we food it. >> since it started 16 months ago, almost 600 people were sickened but up until now there was no conclusive evidence that the illnesses came from eating tainted chicken. salmonella is proved to be present. the recall includes 160 different products. that were sold in many west coast states including california, washington, and oregon. we have more details on the recall including the plant codes you need to look for. it's listed on our home page at the states supreme court has set the legal battle. yesterday the court ruled the the residence of beacon can sue
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the architects for design flaws. the designers had argued that architects have no legal responsibility to the people who later move into their buildings. international wine makers including hundreds in sonoma approved new internet domain names. u.s. and european wineries says the u.s. corporation for assigned names and rights will sell to the highest better. they are worried they could be used for what they call nefarious purposes or criminal purposes. several members of congress are trying to stop the proposed plan. airport security is cracking down on cell phones. coming up in 20 minutes the reason some iphone and galaxy users are getting held up in
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security lines. >> also coming up. >> the whole house shook on the foundation. it was one hell of a blast. >> witnesses describe a powerful explosion and fire at an east bay apartment building. >> fabulous weather day for your holiday. temperatures ranging from the 60s at the coast. 80s inland with mostly sunny skies away from the coast today. i'm tracking a holiday forecast.
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investigators believe a pro pain tank caused -- propane tank caused the fire at an apartment building. firefighters say five adults and one child living in the apartment building managed to get out safely but neighbors say it was a terrifying situation. >> the whole house shook on the foundation. it was one hell of a blast. >> there were few parents who had to run out with their
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babies. no clothes on. we went and brought them blankets. >> the explosion came after the owner of the building turned on a propane heater. he was trying to exterminate termites. a ten-year-old boy was one of two people hurt in a random firing of a shotgun in san francisco. it happened just about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. police say a man was firing a shotgun from bushes about 150 yards above that location. two people were shot. they have identified the victims as a ten-year-old boy. a witness who did not want to be identified told us it looked like the boy was hit in the leg and that someone drove him to the hospital. >> they didn't call police. they didn't just put him in the van like this and take him to the hospital. >> the other victim was an adult who took himself to the hospital for a nonlife threatening injury.
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an 11-year-old boy from antioch is recovering after being shot in the chest. the shooting happened outside the river town place apartments in antioch yesterday morning. they saw the boy run to his ants unit for help. they applied pressure to the wound while they waited for help to arrive. an ambulance took him to antioch high school. he is expected to survive. police say it is unclear what led to the shooting or who had the gun. the u.s. military has grounded all f-35 fighter jets while investigating a runway fire. on june 23rd pentagon officials say the jet caught fire at takeoff. no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. the pentagon says additional inspections of the f-35 have been ordered when the planes will return to the air will be determined based on inspection results and analysis of
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engineering data. a preliminary report says 63-year-old pilot jerry parker jumped or fell from his plane at an altitude of 1,000 feet when the plane caught fire shortly after taking off from the livermore airport last month. the plane which parker built himself from a kit suddenly pitched up while trailing smoke and then crashed into a field. parker was not wears a parachute and his body was found 300 yards from the plane. a judge has ordered a law student to stand trial in a bizarre oakland case. megan is accused of running over an innocent man who she mistook for a graffiti artist after a night of drinking at a bar near lake merit. she was driving the wrong way when she mistook the victim for one of the graffiti vandals that she reported attacked her earlier in the night. there is a new warning for beach goers in santa cruz after
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a toddler found a needle buried in the sand. it happened at sea bright state beach. 20-month-old fin was building a sand castle when he came across the needle. the boy did not touch the needle but the discovery is unsettling. >> it's upsetting. it makes me angry. it's not something a parent should have to worry about. >> the group take back santa cruz says more than 5,000 syringes have been found in the past 1 months. the board of supervisors did pass a bill that would require pharmacies to collect used needles. that law goes into effect on october 1st. let's do a quick check on traffic. sal, with us on this holiday. here's a good look at the east shore and berkeley. looking fine this friday morning. 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon it was bumper to bumper. right now though let's also take a look at san francisco. highway 101.
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no problems to report right now. but again expect heavy traffic probably late this afternoon, this evening as folks make their way into san francisco for the fire works show there. and are we going to see the fire works? let's check in where rosemary. everyone wants to know if the fog is staying. >> good morning, to you make. if you are going to be out at the fire works store, i have the project to show you. we are waking up with low clouds at the coast. patchy fog inside the bay. as we get going a little bit later this morning, we're in good shape. we have mostly sannyasis away from the coast. notice how it hangs here. pretty close the entire day. we are now into 3:00. as we move into the evening hours, the future cast models want to bring the low cloud deck. it looks like the on shore breeze almost turn on.
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maybe a little stronger than yesterday. we will see the low clouds and the fog move back in. unfortunately before the fire works. again don't cancel your plans just yet. we could have that northerly breeze kick in and blow all the fog away. just something to keep an eye on for today. 56 in concord. upper 50s in fairfield. 56 in oakland. livermore right now 59 degrees. and a nice warm day expected for you. temperatures warming to 72 by 10:00. mid 80s by 1:00. upper 80s in the afternoon. i think livermore you will pop out around 90 degrees. so very warm. mostly sunny. if you are going to see the danville parade a little bit later, those numbers also in your ballpark. expect a warm afternoon. 88 for the afternoon today in concord. we have 81 for vallejo. 85 in santa rosa. 68 in san francisco with partly cloudy skies. low 60s at pacifica. unless you are going to santa
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cruz 76 for you. going to tahoe this weekend, it will be a fabulous one. temperatures in the 80s. over night lows a bit cool but not bad. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view, so talking about today, temperatures today slightly warmer than yesterday. may or may not know this. low 60s at the coast. take a look at what is going on as we get into your bay area weekend and holiday weekend. low 90s on saturday. upper 90s on sunday. looks like temperatures may peak on monday. thankfully if it's too hot for you, not going to last too long. temperatures not going to come back down as early as tuesday. around the bay upper 70s to low 80s. that transition there. and for the coast upper 60s by sunday. mike. the threat of bad weather on the east coast sent people
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in boston celebrating the fourth of july one day early. the annual boston pops fire works display got moved up a day because of the hurricane arthur. heavy rain and wind began to sweep across massachusetts. the weather is also a concern in new york city where final preparations are under way for tonight's fire works display. three million people are discovered to watch the annual macy's fire works display. 14,000 fire works will light up the sky and more than 50 pyro technicians have been brought in across the country to work on this year's display. each year hundreds of pets in the bay area end up in shelters after getting scared. but this year there is an app to help find them. the american society to the prevention of cruelty to animals helps give advice on how to help calm your pets down
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this fourth of july. it also helps you find your fori friend if they get lost. the app helps to create fliers and spreads the news about your pet online. shocking video in downtown san francisco. how a driver fought back after being attacked by a crowd during last week's gay pride celebrations. >> but first tragedy world cup host city. construction project responsible for killing at least two people in brazil.
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san jose's hot dog eating contest winner is getting ready. he is the favorite to win the contest. set a world record by eating 69 hot dogs in ten minutes and this years he hopes to break that record by eating 70 hot dogs. the oakland a's celebrated independence day a day early with patriotic fire works. the a's beat the blue jays last night. the same two teams play this afternoon at 1:05. oakland a's fans may be
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breathing a little easier. it looks like they will be staying at the coliseum at least for the next few years. they dropped their opposition to a new stadium lease. it came hours after the bomb shell. the a's informed city and county leaders that they have given the team permission to immediately seek a new home outside of oakland. >> i feel a lot of muscle from major league baseball. because ultimately it's them that makes the decision. >> however, the new deal only guarantees the a's will stay in oakland until the end of 2017 and still a must unifiable approval by the oakland city council and board of supervisors. it was set to begin on monday but attorneys for suspended donald sterling want a federal hearing on whether sterling's privacy was violated when his medical records were released. sterling's estranged wife shirley is trying to win the
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right to sell the former team. a building collapsed and killing two people and injuring 19 others. it crushed a commuter bus, two construction trucks, and a car. the overpass was supposed to have been finished in time for the world cup but many were not completed when the games started. blinding dust storm swept through central arizona. winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour tossed trash cans and knocked down trees and fences last night. it was the region's first dust storm of the summer. it also knocked out power to 2500 homes and businesses. it also caused the airport to ground several flights and divert others to neighboring airports. heat and fire works combine
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to make a dangerous situation but the san jose fire department is ahead of the problem. >> transitioning to warmer weather for your holiday weekend. ly have more on when those temperatures will peak. coming up.
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we are live in oakland where firefighters and police will be beefing up patrols for the fourth of july holiday. we will tell you what the fire chief has to say about cracking down on illegal fire works. >> we are a couple hours away from danville's fourth of july parade. what people did as early as last night to make sure they did not miss it. >> and a state of emergency as hurricane arthur makes landfall. a look at the damage and the communities still in danger. >> our fourth of july shaping up to be a nice one. i'll have your holiday temps and fire works coming up. s morning news continue -- the morning news continues right now. and good morning. it is it is friday, july 4th welcome
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to ktvu morning news i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning i'm brian flores in for dave clark. rose mare is in -- rosemary is in for steve. >> giving you a look at the satellite view. the system sweeping across the area. going to continue our southwest breeze. and so temperatures will be very comfortable for most. wide spread 70s around the bay. 80s to near 90 degrees inland. it will be warm for our inland communities but not too hot. it will be slightly warmer than we had yesterday. along the coastline i think the clouds will be hugging quite well. and they want to bring low clouds back into the bay. i will track that for you coming up in my next weather hit. 53 degrees in napa. upper 40s in novato. these temperatures similar than yesterday. antioch you are checking in at


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